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Day 4: Taking easy and creating the timeline. (Gumroad 14 Day Product Challenge)

Given the fact that I prefer to write first thing in the morning rather than at the end of the day (the time I have assigned to this project) I have changed my timelines and went easy on myself today.

For today I had just created the timeline for the development of the product, with expected completion date to Friday 06th November.

As my MVP, I am thinking it as simple as a PDF created via Google Docs (that also exports as ePUB, by the way), some basic illustrations using and a cover with free stock images and free fonts. When the MVP is done then perhaps I can spend some time studying how to use more professional applications for formatting the book.

Meanwhile there is an opportunity to participate in a tweetchat next Monday on the topic of my book. Very exciting! :)

Looking forward for the next steps in the 14 Day Product challenge.

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