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Day 2: Topic chosen, the feedback only comes tomorrow though. (Gumroad 14 Day Product Challenge)

I have finally narrowed down to a single topic based on the feedback on multiple people closer to me. I asked them: “What would you like to learn from me?”

Most answers were on the topic of Communication and Engagement. The main reason is that I have been studying, experimenting and teaching about presentation skills and writing strategies for researchers in the last 5 years. It also called my attention because I have already some content structured for talks and workshops I gave in the past, so it would be mostly about converting it into an e-book.

Today, I decided to break the topic into 3 problems that researchers (my audience) usually face and added as a poll on Twitter:

The answers started coming back but I know this is a very bad time to get feedback from this particular audience. I have scheduled another Twitter for tomorrow with what I know is a more suitable time. Let’s see what happens by then.

Despite the three options available, I have a good feeling that people will be mostly interested in problem 1, which I already have an idea for one product and one supplement for it. In any case, let’s see how it goes tomorrow.

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