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Gumroad 14 Day Product Challenge

I want to create an info product for a long time already, but have been postponing the idea for a number of years. This time I decided to move this idea forward by joining the Gumroad challenge to create an info product in 14 days.

First, what is Gumroad!? Gumroad is a platform that supports creators in launching and selling their products. From their own website:

Creators deserve to get paid for their work. We make it easy.

The 14 Day Product Challenge consists of choosing an audience and building a small info product (e.g. a book, a video, a course, a template, a piece of code) that adds value to that audience. The participants in the challenge are expected to work a little bit everyday on their projects and share their journey with other participants in the challenge. Meanwhile, the organisers send a daily email with tips on how to move the product forward step-by-step.

Gumroad "14 Day Product Guide" to be released at the end of the challenge.

Taking the opportunity that I am off work next week, I will have a bit of time to dedicate to this idea. Although I do not expect to be launching any product by the end of 14 days (given all my other commitments), I still expect to have had as much progress as I can in this timeline and have at least a draft product ready to share with some “early enthusiasts” :) Let’s see what I can do!

Check my progress in the following posts:

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